Cecilio Lapresta

Cecilio Lapresta obtained his PhD at the University of Lleida (2004) and his BA in Sociology at the University of Barcelona (1998).
He is Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Lleida and the Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module “MULTILINGUALISM AND MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION IN THE EUROPEAN UNION”.

In addition, he is lead researcher of the Research Group “Language and Education” (2021 SGR 996). His lines of research focus on the analysis of identity constructions and the role that languages play in them, the study of language attitudes and the acculturation patterns of the
descendants of migrants, with special emphasis on how this all influences their school, linguistic and social integration.

He has conducted and participated in numerous research projects at a regional, national and European level, publishing their results in national and international top-level journals. In 2007 he received the second prize of the National Educational Research Award for his work
‘Language attitudes, school and immigration. Students facing linguistic and cultural diversity’.



Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work

University of Lleida

Avda. Estudi General, 4

25001 Lleida – Espanya

Phone: +34 973 706 604

Fax: +34 973 706 502

E-mail: cecilio.lapresta@udl.cat

Researcher ID: K-6845-2014

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-3411-7077