Judit Janés

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Judit Janés holds a PhD from the University of Lleida (2006). She has a degree in Educational Sciences (1997) and a degree in Psychopedagogy (1999), a Master's degree in Occupational Risk Prevention (1999) and a Master's degree in Hearing and Language (2007). She obtained a predoctoral scholarship from the Generalitat de Catalunya in the Department of Psychology in the area of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Lleida.

From 2009 to the present she is a full time professor of this same area of knowledge. She was also Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Lleida (2010).

She has participated in numerous regional, state and European research projects, obtaining a high number of prestigious publications at national and international level, as well as participation in scientific and international congresses/seminars.


Department of Psychology

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work

University of Lleida

Avda. Estudi General, 4

25001 Lleida – Espanya

Phone: +34 973 706 534

Fax: +34 973 706 502

E-mail: jjanes@pip.udl.cat

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